BBDSO and MFÖ on the Same Stage (June 2018)


Bursa Regional State Symphony Orchestra shares the stage with the legendary band MFÖ at the 57th International Bursa Festival. Music lovers in Bursa enjoy symphonic arrangement of MFÖ's classic pieces.

Supported by Bursa Philharmonic Society, which has been sponsored by Uludağ Premium, Bursa Regional State Symphony Orchestra (BBDSO) will share the stage with MFÖ, Turkish pop culture legends, on Wednesday evening, June 20. MFÖ, a band that has produced numerous lyrics and compositions since the 1970s, will be performing alongside BBDSO before music fans in Bursa for the opening concert of 57th International Bursa Festival. Dağhan Doğu, conductor of BBDSO, and the renowned arranger Turhan Yükseler will conduct the concert, during which symphonic arrangements of favourite works from MFÖ will be performed.

Bursa Culture, Art and Tourism Foundation will organize the concerts under the 57th International Bursa Festival at Kültürpark Open-Air Theatre on Wednesday, June 20 at 21:15. Tickets are available on website.