Personalized Bottles for Valentine's Day by Uludağ Premium (February 2017)


Following new year, Uludağ Premium Sparkling Natural Mineral Water once again became an integral part of elegant meals and fancy tables thanks to the personalized bottles designed for the Valentine's Day.

Uludağ Premium Natural Mineral Water continued the personalized bottle tradition that started with the new year on Valentine's Day under the motto 'Let Love Always Be On Your Side With Uludağ Premium'.

The first 500 people to fill out the form on the campaign's 'Special for You from Uludağ Premium' page launched on February 7 were gifted 750 ml Uludağ Premium Sparkling Natural Mineral Water bearing exclusive personal labels. As of February 13, the products were all delivered to the addresses specified. Through these exclusive personal bottles, Uludağ Premium provided an opportunity to gift an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift to those wishing to present a special something to their loved ones.