Tülin Şahin Features in Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray Line Commercial Films (July 2017)


Tülin Şahin, the brand ambassador for Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray line, got in front of the cameras recently for the commercial campaign. The top model renowned for her natural beauty had a lot of fun during the shoots.

Tülin Şahin appeared before the cameras for Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray line, the newest form of natural mineral water, which has also been used by herself for skin care regiments and formed an inseparable part of beauty rituals for centuries. The film was shot near the Uludağ Alaçam Waterfall and at a studio in Istanbul and showed parts of Tülin Şahin's daily life.

When Şahin sprays Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray onto her face to rejuvenate her skin, she finds herself standing by a natural water spring which is the source of the product in Uludağ. The commercial film emphasizes the naturality and freshness of the product.

The commercial film was shot in 2 days with a team of 60 people. 6 different films will be on air as of July 26.