Uludağ Premium is once again the Beverage Sponsor for Uludağ Economy Summit (March 2017)


Once again, Uludağ Premium undertook the beverage sponsorship at this year's Uludağ Economy Summit, organized by the Capital and the Economist magazines. Ömer Kızıl, Uludağ Beverage Vice Chairman of the Board, also attended as speaker to the "Future of Global Opportunities" part of the Summit.

This year Uludağ Economy Summit will be held between March 23-24, 2018. The Summit has become a platform where global and local topics are discussed and top international and Turkish CEOs and executives in addition to world-renowned economists are hosted. As always, the 7th Summit is sponsored by Uludağ Premium, Turkey's first lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water and its soft spring water originating from the heart of Uludağ, as the beverage sponsor.

This year, Uludağ Premium Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, the first lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water manufactured in cobalt blue bottle in the Turkish beverage market. Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water, delicious for its freshness and softness originating from the heart of Uludağ,offered in an exclusive designer-endorser bottle, will continue to be the choice of attendees.

In addition, Ömer Kızıl, Vice Chairman of the Board at Uludağ Beverage, will speak at the "Future of Global Opportunities" panel of the summit and share Uludağ Beverage's international plans, primarily those concerning the German market.