Uludağ Premium Facial Spray with Vitamin E for Ideal Protection of Your Skin Against Seasonal Changes (September 2018)


Uludağ Premium Facial Spray with Vitamin E boosts skin against the harsh fall and winter conditions by moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin thanks to its Vitamin E content.

Seasonal changes are one of the biggest enemies of a healthy skin as they cause skin to lose its elasticity in addition to dryness and cracks. Supporting the skin with the right skin care products is crucial in order to restore the moisture it lost and mend the defense mechanism that has been damaged, weakened and exposed to harmful UV lights. Uludağ Premium Facial Spray with Vitamin E deeply moisturizes the skin and gives a healthy glow while providing support for the skin that will be damaged due to windy and cold weather during fall and winter. The Vitamin E content rejuvenates the skin and provides a quick and practical skin care.

Three products for different needs

Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays cater to different needs and expectations with three versions in 100 ml. and 150 ml. packagings. Uludağ Premium Regular Skin Care Spray, which only has natural mineral water content, moisturizes the skin while making it soft and shiny. The product also provides a cool and fresh sensation and helps the skin breathe. Premium Skin Care Spray with Vitamin E not only rejuvenates the cells, but also freshens up and moisturizes the skin thanks to the antioxidant impact of Vitamin E. Uludağ Premium Spray with Sun Protection protects the whole body against the harms of the sun through its SPF 30 content.