Uludağ Premium is at Istanbul Coffee Festival with Good Water and Good Coffee!

This year, Uludağ Premium met the coffee lovers as the sponsor of "Good Water, Good Coffee" category at the 4th Istanbul Coffee Festival once again.

Uludağ Premium became the "Good Water, Good Coffee" sponsor for the Istanbul Coffee Festival held at Istanbul Küçükçiftlik Park between September 21-24. Uludağ Premium offered the best selection of Uludağ Premium at the 4th Istanbul Coffee Festival to coffee lovers who know the importance of water selection in brewing coffee as much as the coffee seed selection, roasting type and grinding for a good cup of coffee.

On Instagram, we gifted invitations to 40 people who wished to attend the coffee festival and gave those coffee lovers the opportunity to enjoy good coffee. In addition, attendees visited our festival booth and experienced making their own cold brew coffees with Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water on a bike while pedaling.

Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water offers you a softer alternative from the heart of Uludağ with a pH of 7.02.

Istanbul Coffee Festival meshes the dynamics of the city with different atmosphere and good coffee. This year, the Festival offered participants a great coffee experience through coffee workshops as well as alternative music bands, boutiques, artists, discussions and various fun activities.