Uludağ Premium Supports Contemporary Istanbul

Uludağ Premium, a taste emerging straight from the heart of Uludağ, will support Contemporary Istanbul to be organized between September 20-23.

Uludağ Beverage has been supporting cultural and artistic events in order to enrich social life. This year, the company took its place among the sponsors of Contemporary Istanbul through its brand Uludağ Premium. The contemporary art event gathering artists from all around the world will be held at Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Hall and Istanbul Congress Center between September 20-23, 2018. Works by 650 artists from 22 countries will be showcased in 83 galleries.

About Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water

The whole journey of Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water starting from an altitude of 1,800 meters at Uludağ, the source, to the Yenice Filling Facility flows through the heart of the mountain. Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water offers its customers a tastier alternative with a pH of 7.18 and is one of the softest natural spring waters in the market with a softness level of 2.0.