Uludağ Premium, the Beverage Sponsor for Uludağ Economy Summit


Once again, Uludağ Premium undertook the beverage sponsorship at this year's Uludağ Economy Summit, organized by Capital and the Economist magazines since 2012.

Uludağ Economy Summit to be held in Uludağ between March 25-26 has so far hosted many prominent names from the business world as well as politicians and national and international opinion leaders from the media.

For two days, various topics ranging from digital economy to entrepreneurship, from the future of industry to Turkey's growth strategy for 2023 will be discussed by a myriad of speakers who are distinguished in their respective fields.

Uludağ Premium Natural Mineral Water, the first lightly carbonated natural mineral water manufactured in cobalt blue bottle in the Turkish beverage industry, will continue to be the choice of the attendees.