Uludağ Premium has become Turkey's first domestic brand in "lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water" category since it was launched in 2009. Lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral waters such as Uludağ Premium contain 5 to 6 milligrams of natural carbon dioxide per liter, which makes them easy to consume with meals..

Dice Kayek, the world-renowned Turkish brand, drew inspiration from the Ottoman glass arts and vintage French Baccarat carafes and designed the exclusive cobalt blue bottle for our product. The bottle was awarded the Golden Packaging Award in 2010 by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and the Design Award at the Worldstar Awards held by the World Packaging Organization in 2012.

Furthermore, in 2016, Uludağ Premium Natural Spring Water received the Silver prize at the Crescent and Stars for Packaging Awards organized by the Packaging Manufacturers Association. Uludağ Premium Sparkling Natural Mineral Water took home the first award under Uludağ Premium brand thanks to its sleek and intriguing design distinguishing it from competitors.

History of Sparkling Natural Mineral Water:

İbrahim Talat Bey and Monsieur Brune acquired the source for Uludağ Natural Mineral Water (formerly named as Mount Keşiş natural mineral water) on July 6, 1870. Subsequently, they obtained the operating license from Sultan Mehmet Reşat at the Dolmabahçe Palace on May 26, 1912. Monsieur Bourousine, to whom Monsieur Brune transferred his shares in 1890, and Sıtkı Bey of Crete (Ulusu) were among the shareholders of the Mount Keşiş Natural Mineral Water enterprise at the time.

After the passing of İbrahim Talat Pasha in 1920s, his shares were transferred to Lady Şerife Hanife Güzide, his wife, and Guido Parodi, an Italian investor. In the same years, French investor Monsieur Bourousine's shares were also transferred to the other shareholders.

A private committee previously established by a group of teachers in Bursa was deemed to be the first branch of the Geography Committee in 1925. Osman Şevki Bey, MD, a member of the group participating in the Mount Keşiş climbing event held by this first branch and one of the founders of the Turkish Medical History Institution, was mesmerized by the magnificence of the mountain and could not desist from saying "What an almighty mountain!". When he turned back to Ankara, he prepared a report and proposed that the name of the mountain be changed to "Uludağ". Field Marshal Fevzi Çakmak deemed this proposition suitable and ensured the mountain was included on the maps as "Uludağ".and the name is still in use today. Following the promulgation of the Surname Law, Osman Şevki Bey, MD, abandoned his nickname "Bursalı" and adopted the last name "Uludağ".

In line with the change in the name of the mountain, an application was filed, which was subsequently accepted, to change the name Mount Keşiş Natural Mineral Water into Uludağ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

Our first "Uludağ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water" label in Latin alphabet was produced.

September 6

Veteran Mustafa Kemal, President of the Republic, granted Uludağ Natural Mineral Water an operational concession as well as the right to use the phrase "Turkish" in the company title. The title of the company was thereby revised as Uludağ Maden Suları Türk Ltd. Şti.

December 13

Mr. Hakkı, obtained the primary franchise for the province of Bursa and the town and hot springs of Yalova through the agreement which was concluded before the 1st Notary Public of Bursa and is now a part of our archives.

Mehmet Hakkı Bey took over the operational rights for Uludağ Maden Suları Türk Ltd. Şti. as a tax farmer.

The facility was relocated to the filling station by the Devrengeç Spring near Irgandı Bridge for production using water from the Devrengeç Spring.

The business was relocated to the factory on İnönü Street.

When the production water was decayed, a 2-storey production facility was built in the courtyard of the house built by Yağcızade Mehmet Efendi in Orhan Neighborhood due to its quality mission and the production was continued there.

Neriman Erbak, the wife of Nuri Erbak, acquired Guido Parodi's shares. Related share transfer documents are meticulously kept in our archive.

All shares of Uludağ Maden Suları Türk Ltd. Şti. were acquired by the Erbak family.

After the Gökdere spring water was transported to İnönü Street through pipelines, the business was relocated to the factory on İnönü Street.

Our first and second Prot automatic filling lines, each having a production capacity of 6000 bottles per hour, were commissioned in 1966 and 1968 respectively while our Noll-brand filling machine having a production capacity of 4800 bottles per hour was imported in 1969. Making a leap in machinery around that time, our company used our original Uludağ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water bottles for the first time in production.

The company was relocated to its central factory situated on Bursa-Yalova road over a land of 37.000 m2.

Our products were manufactured in Netherlands and Germany and marketed across Europe through franchising.

Investments in production play a key role in our growth. Our company has always attached huge importance to technical development. Having a production capacity of 36,000 bottles per hour, Simonazzi, the fully-automated filling line, enabled us to achieve a significant automation level. In addition, we became the first company in Turkey to produce one-liter refundable glass bottle with a screw cap following the revision of the Prot filling line.

After the revision of Rivi filling line, we produced the world's first natural mineral water in one-liter PET bottle. Using the same bottle form, we produced Turkey's first one-liter soft drink.

Uludağ Frutti, the fruit-flavoured natural mineral water manufactured using Uludağ Natural Mineral Water, was launched.

Our sparkling natural mineral water filling facility in Uludağ Çaybaşı Village was restored and the company continued its operations on an area of 50,000 m², 10,000 m² of which consists of indoor space. In the same year on March 24, we established our soft drink filling facility in Yenice Industrial Zone in Bursa on a total area of 70,000 m² with 30,000 m² being indoor space. This facility has become our central factory.

Turkey's first lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water, Uludağ Premium was launched. World-renowned fashion brand Dice Kayek drew inspiration from the Ottoman glass arts and vintage French Baccarat carafes to design the exclusive cobalt blue bottle of our product.

Uludağ Beverage received the "Those Adding Value to the Economy" Award and the United Nations FAO Medal.

The brand new bottles and packaging of Uludağ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and Uludağ Frutti, a breakthrough in the industry, were offered.

A combination of sparkling natural mineral water and fruit juice bringing an innovation into the mineral water category, Uludağ Frutti Extra was launched. Both its bottle and the flavours of Pomegranate, Pear and Tangerine, became customer’s favourite.

The fashion communication campaign between "Live Your Style" and Uludağ Premium Natural Mineral Water were continued. The campaign aimed to underline the "life style" theme taking its foundations from the essence of the brand and strengthen the connection between the product and its target audience.

March 6

Uludağ Frutti C Max, sparkling natural mineral water with Vitamin C, was introduced into market.

May 26

We celebrated both within the company and with the involvement of consumers the centennial of the franchise for our mineral water resources.

The bottle of Uludağ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water won the competency award at the "Moon and Stars of Packaging" contest organized by the Turkish Standards Institution and the Association of Packaging Industrialists. That same year, Uludağ Beverage became the 2nd Company to Increase Employment in Anatolia, and Uludağ Natural Mineral Water was awarded the Long-Lasting Rooted Business and Tax Office Awards in consideration of its 100-year history.

Our Uludağ Premium bottles designed by Dice Kayek received the design award at the "Worldstar Awards" held by the World Packaging Organization.

Different flavours were offered to customers with the addition of lime, melon and forest fruit varieties to the Frutti Extra family introduced in 2011.

The Live Your Style communication campaign for Premium Sparkling Natural Mineral Water continued, with Candaş Arın behind the lens and Melis Ağazat responsible for styling.

Launched in 2012 with an astonishing vitamin content, the Frutti C-Max line was reinforced with orange and kiwi flavours.