About Us

Becoming a member of the Uludağ Premium family in 2017, Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray line is offered to customers as it takes its foundations from natural mineral water that has been an inseparable ingredient of beauty and skin care regimens throughout the history.

Since we know the benefits of natural mineral water on skin, we prioritize what is natural and offer three different products in this segment. Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray line offers tailored alternatives for the needs of all and includes regular facial sprays, facial sprays with Vitamin E and high protection body sprays with an SPF of 30.

Uludağ Premium Natural Skin Care Spray with Rich Minerals balances the moisture level of the skin. The rich content provides a healthy glow, a natural moisture from within and brings out the inner beauty. Our sprays are just what you need to refresh anytime during the day. Their striking colorful packages catch the eye, and both the 150 ml. and the 100 ml., the travel size, provide effortless use thanks to their exclusive spraying technology.

We change what is conventional in the personal care industry through our proud offering of Natural Skin Care Sprays with Rich Minerals to customers, the first time natural mineral water is presented as a skin care spray line in Turkey.