Frequently Asked Questions

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Spray the product 15 cm from the face and later massage it with fingertips. No need to wipe or wash the face subsequently. Its convenient packaging allows spraying from any angles (360°).

It can be applied on a no-makeup skin when desired. For faster and more visible impact, it should be applied on clean skin. Clogged pores will delay the impact of Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays. The spray will impact faster when applied to a clean skin with open pores.

Due to its natural structure, the spray particles have the same feature as that of water particles left on your face when you wash it. Natural mineral water does not leave any marks on the skin, just as the water. In fact, it makes the skin smoother.

Yes, the product is suitable for all skin types. However, we recommend pregnant women consult with their physicians and do a patch test on their wrists before they apply the product directly on their skin. Otherwise, the product is dermatologically tested for adults.

As there is no fixatives and alcohol in our product, it does not perform as a makeup setting spray and may thus cause makeup to run. In addition, it is best to apply Uludağ Premium Facial Sprays on clean face before makeup. However, we know how difficult it is to clean makeup during the day. At this point, a certain amount could be applied to cool and freshen up the skin.

Thanks to its natural composition, the product would not occur major issues if it contacts the eye. However, it would be beneficial to wash the eye with soap if our other spray, the one with UV protection, contacts the eye.

You can use it often during the day. As the product moisturizes, cools and protects the skin it can be used easily and often. The frequency of use varies depending on the type of skin, season and aging.

The angle of ultraviolet rays steepens more and more every year due to the ozone layer deterioration and this causes major issues for our skin. We do not recommend sunbathing at noon and in the early afternoon. UV Protection spray with SPF 30 would be beneficial while we have clothes on. However, it may not be sufficient during direct sunbathing. At this point, different products can be used for support. You should not sunbathe during dangerous hours. It is wise to use clothing, hats,umbrellas, and stay in the shade. Skin care spray with SPF protection should be re-applied every 2 hours when exposed to sun.

The Sun Protection product should be re-applied after you dry yourself with a towel, when you sweat and after you swim. The duration of sun protection effect varies from one skin type to the other. For instance, if the solar rays make their impact on a person's skin in 15 minutes, it means that this person can be protected against the sun for 450 minutes with an SPF of 30.

Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays are cosmetic products with natural rich minerals that can be used all day, supporting the moisture balance of the face. Thanks to this mineral support, it is highly beneficial for and refreshes the skin. The Vitamin E-enriched type presents an antioxidant effect and rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin. The product with SPF content moisturizes the skin while protecting it against the harms of the sun. There are three kinds of 150 ml. products.

Regular: It supports the natural complexion of the skin while moisturizing and refreshing it thanks to the rich minerals. The regular version is the central/main product.

Vitamin E: It supports the natural complexion of the skin while moisturizing it thanks to the rich minerals. The skin is rejuvenated and refreshed, benefiting the antioxidant impact of Vitamin E.

Sun Protection: It supports the natural complexion of the skin while moisturizing it thanks to the rich minerals. High protection factor of SPF 30 protects the skin against the harms of the sun.

Bottled at the source in Uludağ since 1912, Uludağ Natural Mineral Water is rich in calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays contain Uludağ Natural Mineral Water. Therefore, the balanced mineral content of Uludağ Natural Mineral Water is also reflected in Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays. In addition, the antioxidant impact of Vitamin E enables this Vitamin E version to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin while supporting it. The version with SPF 30 protection safeguards the skin against the harms of the sun. The launch of Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray line enabled Uludağ, a Turkish brand, to release three versions at once and emerge as innovative trailblazers on the market.

The three different versions of Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays yield different benefits. The mineral content of all products help balance the moisture level in the skin and the Vitamin E product helps rejuvenate it. The version with sun protection protects our skin from the harms of the sun in all seasons, by the beach or while skiing, i.e. pretty much any time when we are exposed to sun for long periods of time and when the solar rays hit our skin directly or by reflecting on water/snow.

Thus, this product allows our customers to moisturize their skin when they are indoors during the day and refresh it on a hot day. Two versions of Uludağ Premium Skin Care Spray line, namely the one with Vitamin E and the regular one, provide the skin with the much needed minerals and vitamins, thereby allowing them to penetrate into the skin when sprayed every night before bed and every morning, helping to protect the natural moisture balance of the skin and making it smoother and rejuvenated. Using the product all day boosts its impact.a

Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays are dermatologically tested in the laboratory. It is safe for use on skin. This is proven through chemical preservative analysis, stability tests, tests confirming lack of preservatives, tests confirming lack of alcohol and parabens, tests confirming lack of dye and irritation tests.

Uludağ Premium Skin Care Sprays should be used up within 1.5 years after the production date stated on the packaging.